Introducing the world's first high function makeup designed for acne!

They work wonders together!

Oil-Balance Booster

The perfect primer for acne prone skin.

Hi-Function Foundation

Hide your acne. Not your attitude.

The power couple

Blurring the line between skin care and make up.

Epic coverage

30 shades. We got you covered.

Discover Niacinamide

The water-soluble vitamin that’s making a splash.

Jenni Shaw - LEAD MUA, NYC

Practically perfect in every way

“This foundation is what I’ve been seeking my entire career as a makeup artist. The density of the pigments is absolutely unparalleled. It covers redness, blemishes, scarring, rosacea, rashes and even the blackest tattoos ENTIRELY-no layering or stippling required! The texture is creamy and smooth, so while it sets quickly, its very movable and easy to blend…”
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